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Full Livery
World Performance Dressage is a professional Stable yard which is run in a friendly but professional manner offering a very high level of care with exquisite attention to detail.
Our first class facilities together with the relaxed 

atmosphere creates a perfect working environment for horse and rider.


Livery packages will be tailor made to suit individual budget & needs to include:

  • Clipping

  • Plaiting for shows

  • Present to vet/dentist/chiropractor

  • Administering of any veterinary care as necessary

  • Rug / Numnah wash

  • Etc....


Shurdington Court Farm, Livery Yard Cheltenham
Shurdington Court Farm, Livery Yard Cheltenham
Training Livery

With Luis endless experience with a variety of types, ages and levels of horses & riders training livery packages can be developed to accomodate yours or your horse's needs.


  • Short intensive training periods

  • Short term schooling while you are on holidays

  • Long term schooling in order to further you horse up the levels

  • Competing on behalf of owners

  • Tuition also available while horse on Livery

Sales Livery


If you are struggling with the tought of selling your horse, haven't got the time or the right facilities..... at Shurdington Court Farm we can help you with parting with your horse in a very professional and trouble free manner.


We have years of experience in this matter which together with our contacts and facilities gives us a very good success rate. 


Your mind can be at ease as all aspects of the sale (on your behalf) will be taken care of and the perfect match will be found, so that your horse can enjoy a bright future ahead with their new rider.

Shurdington Court Farm, Livery Yard Cheltenham
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