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Luis Principe

"Luis has endless experience with a variety of types, ages and levels of horses and riders which makes him a great horseman"

Luis Principe

How it all started

Portuguese born Luis always had a love for horses and from a very young age he knew he wanted horses to be part of his life. It wasn't the easiest path to follow due to coming from an humble and non-horsey family, but determination and love for horses saw him persevere!
After endless nagging and as a 13th birthday present Luis's mother got him a 10 lesson riding card from a local riding school..... little she knew that he would never look back!
By the time the lessons on the card ended Luis managed to exchange stable work for riding lessons and it all took from there!!!
Luis first started in Showjumping as it was the most popular and Dressage hadn't really taken off back at home, as it was perceived boring...
A few years down the line after having a go at pretty much any discipline that involved horses the love for Dressage appeared.
After finishing  his Equine Management Degree, Luis was given the opportunity to go as a working pupil to one of the Senior Riders at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art yard, this gave Luis the opportunity to develop his riding in a more classical way in his new found love - Dressage!

In late 1997 the opportunity arose to come to the UK, but it was only in 1999 at the age of 22, that Luis crossed the Channel to come and work for Lynne Crowden at Woodlander Stud.

After a few months Luis enrolled in a Marketing & Communications degree at Greenwich University and headed off to London.


In order to pay for Tuitions and keep riding Luis started to Freelance in the South East and eventually rented his own yard!


A few years later the chance to buy Washington, as a just backed 3 years old occured and the rest is history...

Major Achievements

Luis has competed successfully in all 3 disciplines:
  • Showjumping - up to 1.30m classes
  • Eventing - up to 2* level
  • Dressage - Over 100 International appearances to include:
- European Championships in Rotherdam 2011
- World Cup final S'Hertogenbosch 2012
- Shortlisted London 2012 Olympics
- European Championships in Herning 2013
- Reserve Lyon World Equestrian Games 2014
The thing that has helped Luis accomplish such results has been his hardwork and sheer determination..... as he believes that
"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Luis Principe
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Luis Principe
Luis Principe dressage
Luis Principe Dressage
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