This is were I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my sponsors for all their help along the way to keep me and the horses fit and ready, and also for keeping believing in the importance of our input and expertise to the development and marketing of their products.
Luis has been working with a variety of businesses varying from local to Multinational and retail. Although the Sponsors have ranged in size and products Luis is very pleased that these companies keep believing that  his expertise and exposure is valuable  to their marketing and product development projects....
A big thank you to all!!
Bloomfields Horseboxes
Europe's leading 3.5t horsebox manufactures
Good Life Equine
Superior odorless Equine bedding
IR Designer Bridles
Bespoke Handmade & made to measure Bridles
Custom saddlery
World renowned custom made saddlery by some of the best craftsman in the world
Hot Horse Shower
For all your horse showering needs....
Sovereign Horseboxes
Bespoke Coach-Built Horseboxes
Zoo Outdoor Boots
Total Equestrian Construction
Building excellence for you and your horse.
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