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Shurdington Court Farm


"Some people dream of success.



We make it happen!!"

Shurdington Court Farm

Aquired in a delipedated state the whole farm has been revamped and upgraded in order to create the dream house & yard that was intended.


The yard is divided in 3 main stable areas:


  • The main stable barn where one can find all the necessary luxuries to a modern sport horse performance centre - with the main tack room, wash box, rug washing room, solarium, etc...


  • The middle yard which is beautifully set outside amongst all the lawns and gardens


  • And finally the Stallion barn where all the stallions are kept in a very well ventilated enviroment where they can also socialise in safety.




While the stables are divided into 3 areas it all flows extremelly well as everything is set close together...


As the farm is situated in the "Green Belt" and in "An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" it gives us breath taking views from everywhere, specially from the arena!


Just to the side of the arena and in order to keep the riding surfaces always at their best the safest & most full of character Lunger was also added to the facilities... built from reclaimed railways sleepers and then planted with Laurel hedging all around it gives it a lovely all year around colour and shelter.


Next to the Lunger & Arena the Jumping Field has its fair share of solid fences (XC Jumps), a water jump and a ditch all of which are used for schooling the horses while also enjoys from the breath taking views.


There's several Bridleways at our doorstep which is a huge asset as all the horses enjoy their weekly Hacking.


Walking around the yard one can only feel at ease - everything flows effortlessly, the piece and quiet, the beauty that all the flowers, srubs, trees and lawns present with their unique and ever changing colours!


Shurdington Court Farm is a little gem, our pride and joy which is situated within cycling distance from Cheltenham Town Center and less then 3 miles from the M5 giving us unique proximity to all the necessary amenities and major roads while being set in the most peaceful and beautiful countryside


Our goal at Shurdington Court Farm is to provide livery of excellence or effective training designed to boost your riding and your horse's performance independently of breed, size, age or level of fitness.

Our team design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of you and your horse in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.


Check out our services.


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